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  • Mobile app

    The mobile app provides a wide range of statistics about your game. Use the app to upload rounds and dive into details about your performance.

  • 100s of statistics available

    Explore a variety of traditional statistics such as FIR, GIR and putts per round, as well as Strokes Gained analytics. All stats offer detailed breakdowns for more in depth analysis.

  • No hidden costs

    The Shot Scope mobile app is one of the best free golf GPS apps in the market, providing invaluable insights into your game and continuous updates at no additional cost.

  • A view like no other

    The best golf gps app feature is Shot Scope’s birds-eye view of your round on a map. You can view the full round or click into individual holes and zoom in/out.

  • What's the difference?

    Both the mobile app and web dashboard provide detailed statistics on your game. The stats on each platform vary, so explore both and see what you prefer.

  • Update your course prior to playing

    We are always improving and updating our course database. Connect your Shot Scope GPS device to the mobile app to check for any course updated before your play

Performance statistics are available with shot tracking products.

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    Detailed overview of your game

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    Compete with users on leaderboards

Free updates and no subscription

The mobile app is always improving with free updates and no subscription cost to users, making it one of the best golf gps apps in the market.

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  • Use data to inform your game and make better decisions on the course

    For golfers of all skill levels, the free (no subscription required) Shot Scope mobile app allows the golfer to analyse their performance statistics in as much detail as they would like.

  • Club Distances

    Get real club distances based on the distance you hit your clubs on the course – not the range. Performance Average removes outliers (good and bad) to give a distance based on well hit shots.

  • Tee Shots

    This page provides a detailed breakdown of all your tee shot statistics. Analyse your fairway misses and discover your most successful club off the tee to start improving you game.

  • Short Game

    PinCollect allows for highly accurate short game statistics to be produced such as: average proximity, up & down %, sand save % as well as individual club performance.

    Shot Scope classifies all shots inside 50 yards of the pin as a short game shot.

  • Approaches

    View your green success and misses on the main graphic, as well as proximity breakdowns, and green success by club.

    Shot Scope classifies any shot attempting to hit the green outside of 50 yards as an approach shot.

  • Putting

    Tap the interactive graph to see the breakdown of putts missed long and short within 3ft (or outside 3ft) of the hole. View make % from varying distances as well as many other putting statistics.

  • Scoring

    Discover your scoring breakdown or birdies, bogeys (and more) as well as average Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 scores. Full round averages, front 9 and back 9 averages also available.

  • Strokes Gained

    This modern method of analysing golf performance gives you a positive or negative score for each aspect of the game against a defined benchmark. Currently you can compare your statistics against Tour players, and amateur handicaps 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. This is ideal for setting goals and targets to help you improve your game.

Performance statistics are available with shot tracking products.

Easily share your round on social media

Use the Shot Scope social share feature to show off those good days on the course.

Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by clicking the share icon in the top right corner on 'round overview' page.

Compete against friends!

Create your own private Leaderboard for a group of friend or see where you rank globally against other Shot Scope users.

Leaderboards available for all statistics categories, see who can hit the longest drive, have the lowest score and compare.

Explore any course in the world

The Shot Scope golf gps app lets you virtually join any course in the world and see how other Shot Scope users have performed. You can use this platform to plan ahead if playing a new course for the first time.

There are also course records (Gross & Nett) to be challenged for and every Par 5 is a long drive competition!

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